Soups To Order

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Our soups are full of flavour and fill you up.  Made from the freshest ingredients and homemade stock – vegetables, meat (sometimes), water, herbs, spices, salt and pepper and nothing else.  The vegetables are sourced from Groombridge Farm Shop, ensuring top quality produce, freshness and of course keeping food miles to the minimum.

Each pot of soup is slowly simmered to extract as much flavour as possible.  Every one of our recipes takes at least 2 hours to prepare – our very popular traditional roast chicken flavour takes an epic 10 hours to make!

The list of soups we can make is constantly growing, hopefully offering something for everyone from the home comforts of traditional soups to herb and spice combinations from around the world.  With each new month brings different seasonal vegetables and more exciting possibilities.  Planning the recipes is almost as much fun as cooking them up.